Interior Design


The interior designer range of services includes:

  • Flats, cottages, private apartments and non-residential spaces
  • Interior design services for flats, office spaces, shops, cottages, penthouses and beauty parlours.
  • Repair and finishing works in residential and non-residential facilities.
  • Decorative components development and textile design services.
  • Creation of exclusive designer interior articles which includes furniture.
  • Recommendations as to the purchase of furniture, lighting fiхtures, decorative elements and finishing materials.
  • Designer support of the project and design actions control.

Contents of the standard design project.

  • Plan of partition walls removal and construction.
  • Furniture and equipment layout (schematically, without furniture elements detailing) with furniture and equipment legend attached.
  • Plan of embedded parts spacing.
  • Door assemblies plan.
  • Flooring plan with specification of: floor reference point, flooring type Underfloor heating layout (if available).
  • Ceiling layout with indication of specific nodes and sections.
  • Luminaries spacing layout.
  • Breakers layout with referencing to luminaries groups.
  • Electrical equipment layout (all types of sockets, low-voltage).
  • Plumbing equipment layout with plumbing devices legend attached.
  • Wall elevations diagram in the structural areas.
  • Wall elevations diagram with tiles arrangement.
  • Bill of finishing materials with specification of areas and material types.
  • Visualization of interior main spaces.
  • Preparation of diagrammatic drawings (2D projection) for furniture-producing companies and decorative elements manufacturers (the manufacturer is responsible for the accuracy of the final design drawings and the quality of the furniture and decorative elements manufacture) based on the approved visualization and final measurement.
  • Departures to warehouses and shops to choose finishing materials, furniture and interior articles.
  • Providing estimates for agreed items.
  • Interior decoration
  • Author's supervision: control of the performed works compliance, in accordance with the project developed and introducing changes to the project when necessary

Subject to customer's request and a space readiness status, it is possible to leave some items of the design project unfulfilled.

Author's supervision deserves a special mentioning. Even if the design project is perfectly developed and detailed, and a highly professional construction team works at the facility, nevertheless the construction site is a construction site and, from my experience, I can say that every time during the project implementation unexpected issues can arise. For instance, issues associated with structural elements of the building which were detected during dismantling only, or decorative elements or furniture designed for the design project, have been discontinued and a need of searching for analogs emerged, or a customer changed his/her mind as to the walls decorative elements without compromising the interior concept. The list can be interminable. It is precisely on such occasions that designer supervision is necessary.

The author of the design project feels the concept of the interior like nobody else. The author can introduce changes, act impromptu, resolve unforeseen difficulties associated with project implementation, find analogs of finishing materials, furniture and lighting, remaining within the framework of a chosen concept and lines.