Interior Design

Beauty parlours design

Nowadays, the beauty parlours interior design is a highly-demanded service. Each proprietor desires not only to provide professional services but to create sympathetic atmosphere in the establishment. That is why the majority of them turn to specialists in beauty parlour interior design. For our part, we make every effort for the result to exceed all expectations.

Beauty parlour is an establishment where every woman receives pleasant emotions due to the magnificent transformation. It is logical that its premises should have a special aura which attracts women-customers. In addition, you should not discard fashion trends that also have an impact and set their own "rules". Of course, in my work I focus on the customer preferences, but also each of them receives recommendations, which often later serve as a basis for the beauty parlour design. In addition, there are unbreakable rules, for example, the degree of parlours illumination. This also includes the requirements of special state supervising authorities. Before starting work on creating a beauty parlour interior, it is necessary to determine the target audience, as well as financial resources. All this will allow making the right choice and contributing to the prosperity of your business.

Features of the beauty parlour interior.

Practicality, functionality and comfort are fundamental principles. Whichever option you may choose, any element of it should sound in tune with it. This is the case of materials, and color range, as well as light, layout components and style in general. At the beginning of the work you get all the necessary information and correct it subject to your preferences. The first thing to remember is the durability of materials used in the beauty parlour interior design. Remember, this is a establishment with a high attendance rates, so all materials must be durable and, of course, moisture-resistant due to the specifics of work. Colors are shaping the perception, and therefore deserve no less attention. The variety of shades can create an atmosphere of relaxation and well-being, or vice versa can cause discomfort. In order to prevent the latter option, I prefer pastel, warming and relaxing colors. But bright juicy shades in the interior design of a beauty parlour render it a bit of chic and gloss.

As for lighting, the light is chosen so as not to distort the colors. The specialists work is directly associated with cosmetics which affects the color palette. Even the slightest mistake in makeup can spoil the customers impression. In addition, the space should not be heated by lighting devices, preference is given to soft ones but not hot.

Premises zoning implies the absence of unnecessary details. It is advisable not to fill the space with equipment, thereby creating the feeling of a conveyor. The main task is to provide a comfortable approach to the workplace, and parlours.

And finally, the design style of the beauty parlour.

Of course, the classical style takes the cake. The assertion that expensive materials in the decoration, discreet shades and elegance of the lines have a positive effect on perception can hardly be contested. The classical style with its irreproachable look is projected onto clients, as if giving a hint that it is in this establishment where they will get the desired charm and gloss.

Another interesting style of a beauty parlour design is ethnical style. It implies the colorful design in the Indian, African and other countries of the world style. Of course, they reinforce the impression and invite women to transformation.

And finally, let's consider high-tech - a style that will be an excellent choice for small spaces. Its integral elements are practicality, minimalism with notes of touches of business-like attitude. This option will also be a good choice.