Interior Design

Restaurants design

Exclusive restaurant interior design by Irina Rudnenskaya, performed in various styles and trends: French, Spanish, English, German, Indian, Italian, Colonial, Moroccan, Minimalism, Pop Art, Hi-Tech, etc.

Places of public catering had always to comply not only with the state regulations, the accepted quality of food, but also the rapidly developing aesthetic tastes of the target audience. First of all, it concerns establishments, whose main purpose is usually not limited to eating food as such, but rather serving as a meeting place for business people and old friends, a haven for moral relief and relaxation – restaurants.

Restaurant design is the first thing a visitor pay attention to. Unfavorable atmosphere cannot retain even a very hungry customer. That is why proprietors should be guided by the following idea: restaurant design is the most powerful weapon in a proprietor's hands against competitors.

Restaurant design should be not only interesting but correct as well. For example, cowboy topic is unlikely to emphasize the refined Japanese cuisine, and futuristic motifs will not allow to appreciate the masterpieces of a Mexican chef. The restaurant interior design and the menu still have to intersect and harmonize. Among the abundance of styles, various conceptual projects are popular today.

The restaurant design in Chicagoan style of the 20s will attract people and young and more mature people with their frankness and a certain swagger; incomprehensible and extraordinary ideas in the style of kitsch may be suitable for student-oriented institutions; African motifs will be a great idea for a downtown coffee shop.

Restaurant interior design has the broadest conceptual range. What idea would be appropriate is up to the proprietor to decide, but the way in which this idea has to be successfully implemented should be trusted to a competent specialist.

However, fascinated by the idea, do not forget that the restaurant design should also be practical: functional to visitors and convenient to the staff. It would probably be a good idea for a museum to create masterpiece glass sofas on which it is inconvenient to sit or install dazzling light installations, but not a restaurant.

The trends in modern restaurant business are quite simple: each establishment should have its own unique, recognizable, bright image. A customer is an exceptionally capricious market player who demands not only a high-quality cuisine, a quality service, and desires to obtain his/her portion of aesthetic pleasure. It should be remembered that the interior restaurant design is not limited to the guest area with the tables, the bar counter, but it also includes all those rooms where a customer gets, namely: a hall, toilet rooms, separate rooms, a wardrobe and others.

Designer mistakes, exactly like the mistakes of a cook, are rarely forgiven.

An experienced, progressive designer will help to avoid a bad impression from the restaurant: he/she will be able to use the space of the room in competent manner, analyze the competitors, create a fully completed interior using one idea. The restaurant interior design is an important issue, and entrusting it to professionals is the right decision in today's tough competition.