Interior Design

Bars design

At first glance, the contemporary customers are rather difficult to be surprised with the bar opening, but as soon as something unique is created, such a place becomes the center of parties and recreation. The facility outdoes the market old-timers attracting more and more customers day by day. It is an open secret that the key to such overwhelming success are the aura and 'aftertaste' following the visit. It is these factors that create such an impression for such a recreation type. In other words, if you wish to achieve a success, pay a proper attention to the bar design.

The number of ideas is just overwhelming – they are counted neither by hundreds, nor by thousands. It is difficult to find a suitable option among such a variety but a facility popularity depends heavily on it. This could not but affect the demand for designer services, because this is a sensible decision of nowadays.

It happened so that the main customer in bars is youth, so the bar interior is often adapted to the dynamic rhythm of subcultures, becoming a creative platform for non-ordinary personalities, a place where the most progressive ideas are sometimes born. Such a bar design is an inspiration, evoking delight and making customers come back again and again. Modern and minimalism are two more rather interesting solutions. These trends are popular not only in the West but have appealed to the public in Ukraine as well. Designers point out that it is minimalism and modern that are fully complying with the pace of the megalopolis.

Clint Eastwood. Posters, coarse massive furniture, careless decoration and decor, “bat wings” wooden doors, cowboy attributes are the indispensable elements of such an interior. All these helps restore atmosphere of 20-s in America. And, of course, such bar interior design is impossible without the bar card with beer and whiskey. But if you are the classic style judge, there is always something to delight you with. In modern realities, in which something new and creative appears every day, the stylish bar design becomes what the consumer is already missing. English-style furniture, a small library, finishing from noble wood species and the bar design becomes not only cozy and comfortable, but also more status-oriented, and the establishment can qualify for the attention of respectable customers.

However, a successful bar interior is not always proportional to the amount invested. For example, in in Bucharest, the bar located in the former factory building enjoys great popularity. The bar design did not imply radical changes: cosmetic repair with the addition of vintage furniture of the 50-s and 70-s of the twentieth century - that's all that was done. However, the interior of the bar attracted a lot of attention from youth, critics, and also allowed this place to be included in the list of the 15 most impressive bars in the world, judging by the opinion of a famous Internet blog.